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Gefahren von Formaldehyd
2016-05-10 11:42:35|Admin

Formaldehyde is the main decoration pollution produced after new house decoration, is a gas with a pungent odor, releasing a period of up to 3--15 years.

Formaldehyde Monitor For Home Use

Formaldehyde can irritate the human eye and upper respiratory tract. The main hazards to human health are olfactory abnormalities, allergy, abnormalities in pulmonary function tests, abnormal liver function, immunologic dysfunction etc. Direct skin contact with formaldehyde can cause dermatitis, pigmentation, necrosis so on.

Formaldehyde poisoning symptoms:

Chronic toxicity of formaldehyde can cause digestive disturbances, irritability, blurred vision, or even paralysis. Acute poisoning can cause tearing, eye pain, itchy throat, coughing, breathing difficulties and suffocation, accompanied by general weakness, and more sweat and headaches.

Low concentrations of formaldehyde hazards:

Frequent inhalation of small amount of formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning appear mucosal hyperemia, skin irritation, allergic dermatitis, keratosis and fragile nails, nail bed finger pain. Pregnant women long-term inhalation may cause newborn babies deformity and even death. The man long-term inhalation can lead to men sperm abnormalities, death, decreased sexual function, serious enough to cause leukemia, pneumothorax, lack of reproductive capacity; symptoms include headache, fatigue, poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, weight loss and autonomic disorders Wait.

High concentrations of formaldehyde hazard:

After inhalation of high concentrations of formaldehyde, there will be severe irritation of the respiratory tract, eye irritation and edema, headache. Asthma can also occur.

Different hazards with different concentrations of formaldehyde:

According to the national mandatory standards for formaldehyde, after closed the doors 1 hour, per cubic meter in the indoor air, formaldehyde emission shall not exceed 0.08 mg.

1. Formaldehyde concentration reached 0.08-0.09mg / m3, the child will be a minor asthma;

2. The indoor air formaldehyde reached 0.2mg / m3, there is smell and discomfort;

3. Formaldehyde concentration reached 0.5mg / When m3, can irritate the eyes, causing tears;

4. Formaldehyde reached 0.6mg / m3, can cause throat discomfort or pain; higher concentrations, can cause nausea, vomiting, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath or pulmonary edema;

5. Formaldehyde concentration reached 30mg / m3, it would immediately cause death.

Household formaldehyde monitor INS-JQ-01 is real-time detection of formaldehyde concentration with large LCD screen, using imported formaldehyde sensor. INS-JQ-01 formaldehyde detector is your deal life partner.

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