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die beste Virtual Reality (vr) Brille
2016-05-03 14:29:50|Admin

In recent years, the virtual reality (VR) continues to develop, like as VR Discovery. In modern life, VR is a growing interest.

You all know the Google cardboard which is a virtual reality helmet cardboard in which you have to put your smartphone. VR Discovery is a bit the same but instead of cardboard. You have a real nice helmet that is comfortable with a nice finish.

This VR BOX helmet is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) that makes it pretty solid. It is strong enough .

VR helmet

VR Discovery is relatively low price to cover up a convincing virtual reality 3D experience, and the game is fast catching up to the hype. It supports Android and iOS system smartphones. VR Discovery is the best virtual reality gadgets. Jumped into the VR gaming and entertainment world in a great way, proudly owning your non-public 3-D cinema.

Indeed, for a good start in virtual reality, you do not need spend too much money. We already have smartphone. You just need buy a VR Glasses like the VR Discovery.

Main Features of VR Discovery:

* High-definition 3D effect

* Shift Your Smartphone into IMAX 3D Theatre in 1 second

* Enjoy IMAX super-big screen with shocking experience.

* Have fun in playing 3D games world.

* Easy to put your smart phone into the 3D glasses.

* Perfectly suitable your face and feel comfortable.

* Nearsighted/Myopia users also can enjoy the wonderful 3D experience.

* Flexible and adjustable headband for different people

* Not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time

* Greatly enjoy a private visual feast comfortably and convenient to use

* No need any software, it is a great companion for traveling or staying house

* Suitable for almost all kinds of 3.5- 6.0 inches smart phones ( Android / IOS, etc)

Keyworld: VR helmet; Virtual Reality Headset; 3D VR Glasses

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